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The passive immunity product- ImmuneShield, designed for children and teenagers, is a natural, completely non-dairy, concentrated source of oral immunoglobulins (antibodies) from a serum-derived bovine source in New Zealand. It perfectly supports immune function of children and teenagers through GI track.

Ingredients – per packet:

Bovine globulin (SBI), Fructose, Natural strawberry flavour

2g x 15 packets/ box

Health Benefits:

* Helps growth and vitality

* Provides concentrated immunoglobulins to enhance mucosal immunity

* Supports GI barrier health and integrity

* Helps maintain microbial balance

* Helps maintain normal inflammatory balance


* The world’s largest collector and processor of bovine blood using the patented purification process that no one can replicate.

* Traceable throughout the whole process by using ear tagged livestock ONLY.

* The “closed loop” system makes sure it never expose to the external environment, temperature is controlled under 39oC during the whole process keep the bioactive facts.

* Using Immunoglobulin derived from bovine, ImmuneShield is detected more antigenic fractions, which consists >45% IgG, >2% IgA, 4% IgM.

* Souring from New Zealand where farms are free from pesticides, antibiotics and synthetic hormones.

* Provides supplemental immunoglobulins that boost the body’s disease fighting capabilities. It goes to work instantly by supplementing the immunoglobulins in the “path of exposure”.

* The largest mucosal surface in the body is the GI tract, making the GI tract a constant battleground. ImmuneShield reduces the demand in the gut for naturally produced immunoglobulins. Since the body’s resources are finite, supplementation allows for more resources in other areas where needed.

For people who need support:

Children and teenagers

* Children have a tendency to catch colds and illness from peers and schoolmates, so ImmuneShield will help immensely.

* ImmuneShield is useful for certain types of infectious diarrhea. It can significantly reduce the amount of diarrhea and the amount of oral rehydration solution required among children.


For children aged 1-3: take 1 packet every other day with fluid (milk).

For children aged 3+: take 1 packet daily with fluid or food.

For maximum health benefit: take 2 packets daily with fluid or food.


Store packet below 25oC.

Drink with warm fluid may help the product dissolve more quickly.

Do not dissolve in hot liquids exceed 30oC

Health Tips

Immunity problem is on the rise globally, and recent research demonstrates a connection between autoimmunity and intestinal permeability. The discovery that the gut barrier plays a key role in immune health fueled the search to strengthen it. Researchers found that the binding capabilities of immunoglobulins have a positive effect on gut barrier function.

Our body manufacturers IGG, however our modern diet and toxic lifestyle demand a higher amount of IGG than your natural production. ImmuneShield is an all-natural source in NZ of immunoglobulin which provides immediate benefit to the function of the immune system and the gut.

ImmuneShield is a unique serum derived bovine immunoglobulin (SBI) supplement. There are NO competing IgG supplements derived from bovine serum in New Zealand. This is a completely non-dairy source of immunoglobulin G.

Colostrum powder has long been a remedy for Leaky Gut because it provides IgG. However, it is derived from cows’ milk and some individuals are so sensitive that they cannot tolerate even a trace amount of dairy products. ImmuneShield is totally dairy-free and not a colostrum

supplement; rather it is an IgG derived from bovine serum- a SBI supplement. It is not an extract of cows’ milk. There is no risk for those with a dairy allergy or sensitivity.

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