Sheep Placenta 20,000mg 60caps x3 Bottles

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– The Source of Youthful Vitality –

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NZ Formula Quality Health Supplement

Purely natural • High quality • High-concentrate • Highly effective

Ingredients – sheep placenta extract, grape seed extract, grape seed oil.


  • High concentrate sheep placenta together with grape seed extract provides a powerful source of youthful vitality.
  • The active ingredients of sheep placenta support hormonal balance, and bodily functions as well as healthy immune function.
  • Rich in lecithin, cephalin, lipopolysaccharide, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids; a sensible ratio of protein content (over 80%) to fat content (less than 10%).
  • Its active factors, collagen protein and immunoglobulins help to render and keep the skin as soft as a baby’s.
  • Its anti-aging factors support sexual function and libido.

Health Benefits:

  • Provides strong skin support including rejuvenation and revitalizing
  • Helps delay the aging process
  • Promote overall health and healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Grape seed oil provides an extra antioxidant effect

For people who:

  • Love life and want to stay youthful and active.

Recommended dosage:

Adults: 1 softgel capsule daily, best taken with food or as directed by your health professional.


  • Not recommended for cancer patients and women during pregnancy or lactation
  • Consult a qualified health care consultant if you are on prescription medication.

The placenta is an animal ‘cradle’ containing a rich, comprehensive nutritional material to nourish growing embryos; from this placenta extract is produced. Functioning as a cushioning around the embryo within the mother’s uterus, the placenta acts as a channel for the mother to deliver substances needed for the embryo’s growth; it is also the means by which blood is circulated to the embryo and metabolic reactions pass between it and the mother. During the various stages of pregnancy the placenta will secrete specific bioactive substances, such as growth factor, cytokinin, and pituitary hormones for moderation of both mother and embryo as well as providing essential nutrients. New Zealand is renowned for its pure and unpolluted environment for animal husbandry and the scale of its livestock faming. The high quality of New Zealand sheep placenta has won it a worldwide reputation.

Scientific research has found that, in comparison with the placenta of so many other animals, the structure of cellular molecules in sheep placenta is extremely close to that in human cells. Up until today no other biogenetic or more absorptive biological raw materials have been found more similar to the human body. The bioavailability of sheep placenta is comparable to that of human placenta in that it contains a variety of essential amino acids, nucleic acid, gonadotropin, prolactin, growth factor, a variety of steroids and enzyme classes including lipopolysaccharide. Placenta supports healthy glands, has growth and immune functions. Placenta was recorded in the 16th century in China in the compendium of medicinal plants, (Compendium of Materia Medica ) as: ” Warm by nature, non-toxic, boosting essence, improving Qi, quickening blood circulation, supporting deficiency, healing consumptive disease for men and women and absentmindedness”. For men, sheep placenta is a powerful tonic and helps enhance male virility.

The raw material of our sheep placenta oral capsule is placenta extract produced from healthy sheep embryos in the 30 to 60 day period of pregnancy.