Super Grape Seed 36000mg 90Caps x3

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– Premium Antioxidant Formula –

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NZ Formula Quality Health Supplement
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Dietary Supplement

Grape Seed Extract 36000mg – Equivalent to Proanthocyanidins 285mg
Pine Bark Extract Equivalent to Polyphenol 30mg
Mixed Bioflavonoids 100mg
Contains encapsulating aids.

• Proanthocyanidins in grape seed extract support stable capillary walls, normal capillary permeability, and act as an powerful antioxidant to protect cells.
• Bioflavonoids, collectively known as Vitamin P, have antioxidant effects, can strengthen the capillaries, boost immunity and support physiological functions.
• The polyphenols extracted from pine bark can improve the bioactivity of vitamins C and E, have strong antioxidant effects, can reduce skin damage and act as an anti-aging support.

Health Benefits:
• The three potent antioxidant groups contained can support healthy immune function, protect cells, and support anti-aging.
• Easily absorbed antioxidant nutrients support wellness, beauty, and vitality.

For people who:
• Want to improve their health and maintain vitality
• Face ongoing stress
• Are prone to ills and chills and need to support their immune functions
• Use computers, and/or mobile phones for extended periods

Recommended dosage:
Adult: Take one capsule daily, with or without food, or as directed by your health professional as a supplement to a balanced diet.

• Consult a qualified health care consultant if on prescription medicines.


Free radicals in the body cause our cells to age. As by-products of the process by which our body generates energy, they are produced when we smoke, drink or indulge in fatty foods. Pollution and toxins in our environment can also generate free radicals and the body needs antioxidant defence mechanisms to reduce the damage they can inflict. Accumulation of free radicals together with a shortage of antioxidants can lead to cell degradation or cell damage and so to disease.

Potent antioxidant supplements can help consolidate collagen fibre structure, prevent destruction of collagen, and bring additional health benefits.

The polyphenols in this product are derived from grape seed and pine bark. With added Bioflavonoids, this product consists of a potent antioxidant combination to help maintain overall health.