• Our Mission

Established in 1998, Alpha Health Care continues to be a leading biotech health supplement manufacturer dedicated to unifying the qualities and philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine and western medical science.  The strategic activities of this organisation are in the research, development, and production of therapeutic health products from natural bio-resourced raw materials including medicinal fungi, herbal plant ingredients, marine life forms, and nutrient rich fruits and vegetables.


For those seeking a ‘back to nature’ approach for their optimal health and well-being, Alpha’s premium products provide the security and certainty of natural ingredients without the concerns of contaminants or impurities.  Consistent with this, stringent production guidelines and good manufacturing practice are rigorously applied to deliver an effective and reliable product range.


  • Our Commitment to Product Excellence and Quality

All raw materials are secured in a regulated storage environment and regular auditing of both workplace and equipment ensures adherence to robust industry guidelines. Alpha Health Care is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified and has passed the Food Safety Program (FSP) governed by the NZ Food Safety Authority.  Other industry accreditations include:


  • Ministry for Primary Industries Risk Management Program (RMP) ISO22000 System Certification
  • Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) Grower Certification


    • Research Partners

    Alpha’s commitment to research and innovation is assisted by the establishment of numerous research partnerships, all with the common goal of identifying and demonstrating the efficacy of natural bioactive components that proactively promote human healthcare. Collectively this positions Alpha Health Care to the forefront of the biotech health supplement sector.


    Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceutical Research Centre


    Collaboratively established by Alpha Health Care and Massey University New Zealand for research cooperation, the centre is committed to the study and extraction of bioactive components from unique New Zealand natural plants and fungi.


    Tongji Alpha Natural Medicine Research Institute


    Founded in 2015, the partnership between Alpha (Fujian) Biotech Co. Ltd and Tongji University, China provides a medical research and production platform targeting significant scientific issues in healthcare including major disease prevention.  Utilising research into ingredients and technologies forms the basis for a continuous evolution of the Alpha Health Care product range making it responsive to changing health requirements.


    New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine Research


    Located in Alpha's Auckland base, the key focus for this research institute centres on the fermentation, extraction, and purification of natural ingredients, and the enhancement of their biological activity and absorption capacity.


    Reddit Institute

    Established in 2003, this award-winning strategic food research centre is hosted at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. Its fields of expertise include food materials science, new foods processing, and human nutrition and gastrointestinal biology.  The Riddet Institute industry programs and research are significant contributors to the prevention and management of lifestyle diseases.