Serving Size: 500mg/capsule
Serving per container: 90 caps
Amount per serving:
Cordyceps sinensis extract (Dong Chong Xia Cao/ Caterpillar Fungus) 50mg
    • Supports blood circulatory activity
    • Supports hormonal balance
    • Nourishment of healthy liver and kidney function

Eleutherococcus senticosus extract (Ci Wujia /Siberian Ginseng) 50mg
    • Supports regular menstrual periods
    • Supports healthy blood circulation and fluid balance
    • Supports balanced nervous system function and mental clarity


Ganoderma lucidum extract (Lingzhi/Reishi Mushroom) 100mg
    • Supports for hormonal balance
    • Nourishes nervous, endocrine and immune systems
    • Supports bone strength in postmenopausal women

Poria cocos extract (Fu Ling / Hoelen) 50mg
    • Supports mental clarity and focus
    • Supports immune health


Sophora japonica extract (Huaijiao /Japanese Pagoda Tree) 200mg

    • Supports temperature regulation and fluid balance
    • Supports healthy circulation

Cuscuta epithymum extract (Tu Si Zi / Dodder) 50mg

    • Supports bone cells volume
    • Supports bone mineralization


TAPS Approval No: PP4991