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We are pleased to announce that Professor Yi Huai Gao has been picked as a finalist for this year's EY Entrepreneur of the Year award.

This award celebrates varied business leaders and entrepreneurs, those dedicated to shaping business landscape in New Zealand. The list of finalists covers a broad range of industries and it gives recognition to people for extraordinary work in entrepreneurship. The key categories include a wide range of products from pharmaceutical to dairy, technology, and Master which is for leaders of well-established businesses which have a significant commitment to entrepreneurship.

Professor Gao devotes himself to enhancing a better way of extracting the useful medicinal ingredients out of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM). Eventually, he succeeded in patenting a low temperature, low pressure extraction technology that extracts the medicinal bio-actives from fungi without changing their structures.

Nowadays, with Professor Gao’s efforts, Alpha has grown from a small retail shop to a multi-national business with 600 employees across New Zealand and ASEAN.

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It is a great honour and pleasure to be announced finalist for this year's EY Entrepreneur of the Year award. Alpha will constantly challenge ourselves to develop

new and more effective wellbeing products that enhance natural immunity and support a healthy lifestyle for people.