Serving Size: 500mg/capsule
Serving per container: 90 caps
Amount per serving:
Ganoderma lucidum extract (Lingzhi/Reishi Mushroom) 150mg


    • Supports for relaxation of airways
    • Supports clearance of phlegm congestion
    • Strengthening and nourishing bronchial membrane integrity


Schisandra chinensis extract (Wu Wei Zi/ Chinese Magnolia Vine) 75mg


    • Provides nourishment for the lungs and kidneys


 Magnolia officinalis extract (Hou Po/ Magnoliaceae) 75mg

    • Supports calm and clear congested respiratory airways
    • Supports protection of cell immunity 


Cordyceps sinensis extract (Dong Chong Xia Cao/ Caterpillar Fungus) 50mg 

    • Supports healthy bronchial muscle action
    • Supports immune system defense and function


Raphanus sativus extract (Red Radish Seed/ Leifuzi) 75mg


    • Supports for calmative
    • Supports for congestion and clear airways


Pinellia ternata extract (Crowdipper/ Fa Ban Xia) 75mg
    •  Supports the removal of phlegm accumulation


TAPS Approval No: PP4991