The initial release of medicinal fungus products is approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Health, including the first generation GanoPoly formulas developed by Professor Yihuai Gao. These product lines were launched into the Australian market at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference marking their entry into overseas markets. 




  • The second generation of GanoPoly formulas are launched at the New Zealand International Symposium on Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi mushroom). At this symposium, jointly arranged by Alpha Health Care, Landcare Crown Research, and the University of Auckland, Professor Yihuai Gao chaired and presented research papers on both the extraction technology and clinical trials of GanoPoly formulas.
  • Secondary markets are opened in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, and other Asian locations.




  • The approval of GanoPoly formulas by the Chinese Ministry of Health is acquired, and the Alpha GanoPoly Shanghai Company is established, commencing entry into the Chinese market with the third generation of GanoPoly formulas.
  • The construction of Alpha Group Holdings Ltd headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand is completed.  




  • The establishment of Alpha (Fujian) Biotechnology Co., Ltd in Ningde, Fujian, China is commenced and Asia Pacific Partners Limited (APPL), a leading investment group, becomes a strategic shareholder in Alpha Group Holdings Ltd.
  • The GanoPoly flagship store opens in Fujian, China.




  • The International Summit Forum on the Biological Science of Edible & Medicinal Fungi is held in Fujian China and convened by Alpha Healthcare.
  • The construction of the Alpha (Fujian) Bio-Tech Park is launched. Covering 10 hectares, this complex houses a technical and manufacturing base for the research and development of natural medicines and nutraceuticals in China.
  • Sales and distribution of Alpha products are initiated in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian markets.
  • Alpha Bio-Technology Co. Ltd (Thailand) is inaugurated in Bangkok.




  • The Chinese Ministry of Commerce grants rights to operate a franchise network in China.
  • The Alpha (Fujian) Biotechnology Co. Ltd (Myanmar branch) is established in Yangon.
  • The Health Industry International Summit Forum is held in New Zealand, jointly sponsored by Alpha Healthcare and the Riddet Institute, and chaired by Professor Yihuai Gao.




Alpha (Fujian) Biotechnology is credited as a Chinese National Level High-tech Enterprise and is awarded the title of Academician Expert Workstation.




  • The "GanoPoly" logo becomes a Chinese trademark.
  • The Alpha (Gutian) Ecological Park obtains China's GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certification.
  • Tongji University and Professor Yihuai Gao jointly establish the Tongji Alpha Natural Medicine Research Institute of which Professor Gao is appointed as Dean.




  • The Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceutical Research Centre is established in New Zealand with Professor Yihuai Gao appointed as co-director.
  • A Direct Sales Licence for China is granted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.
  • John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand opens Alpha Healthcare's completed production facility in Auckland, New Zealand.




  • The Fermentation Pilot Project collaboration between Alpha Health Care and Callaghan Innovation Research and Development is witnessed by Bill English, Prime Minister of New Zealand.
  • The New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) Risk Management Accreditation Program (RMP) is acquired.
  • The Natural Products New Zealand (NPNZ) Marketing Innovation Award is conferred on Alpha Health Care.