Challenging illnesses such as cancer, coronavirus, heart disease, respiratory problems, traumatic injury, and of course surgery, often require extended periods of recovery to rebuild immunity, energy, tissues, and mental health and wellbeing.

When the medications and interventions are finished, then what?  

It can take not only days and weeks, but sometimes months or even years to recover from a critical health setback.  Fortunately, the body has natural mechanisms which help it to slowly repair and restore function to organs and muscles affected by serious health challenges.  But sometimes this slow repair takes significant time, and for those with family, work, and other commitments the desire and pressure to return to a normal working life can be demanding.   However, by supporting healing with natural methods, a more rapid return to normality can be restored.

The Herbal Health Potential

The benefits of professionally researched and manufactured herbal tonics with an extensive history of use can be invaluable in stressful health circumstances.  Now, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has not only its thousand-year history of use to call upon, but also verification with modern research methods.

The premier TCM herbal prescription for recuperation from illness both from a historical and a modern perspective contains Ganoderma or Reishi mushroom.  This exceptional herb combined with either of the renowned herbals Astragalus or Goji berries has a valuable tonifying effect on organs and tissues that require restoration to abundant health.  

Reishi mushroom’s documented beneficial effects include increased resistance to seasonal cold conditions, enhanced antioxidant function, improved circulation and energy levels, along with advanced support for healthy lung function.  

Astragalus is a principal herb used in Chinese Medicine for nourishing and repairing the digestive system and the appetite. Research also indicates that Astragalus may support the body’s defences by increased production of immune cells.  

Goji Berries are considered a leading convalescent tonic in Chinese Medicine.  These attractive sweet berries contain abundant quantities of beneficial nutrients that nourish the liver and brain to restore deep sleep and relaxation along with relieving nervous tension.    

Two Premier New Zealand Herbal Formulations

Alpha Group Holdings, a New Zealand based research and manufacturing company has produced two comprehensive TCM based Reishi mushroom tonics for the restoration and repair of health when there is significant and extensive illness.  ‘Ganopoly C+’ provides optimal immune support with essential free radical reducing antioxidant factors, including Astragalus; while ‘Ganopoly O+’ containing Goji berries has a focus on recovery and convalescence with restoration of robust energy levels and a settled nervous system.

Utilising the multiple benefits of Reishi mushroom combined with other supportive herbal ingredients, these two formulas can be relied upon to provide a substantial basis for complete recuperation when good health may seem a very distant objective.