While many carbohydrates have a bad press, with many people wanting to avoid sugar and carbohydrates of all kinds, there is one type of natural carbohydrate that can really invigorate your energy and provide sustained stamina and long-term well-being.  

Reishi or Ganoderma mushroom has none of the downsides of normal carbohydrates but instead provides a powerhouse of vital nutrient and antioxidant factors that reinforce adrenal gland function to provide prolonged stamina and resilient immunity.

What makes Reishi mushroom carbohydrates different?

Reishi or Ganoderma mushrooms contain over 200 different types of specific carbohydrates called polysaccharides.  These specialist complex carbohydrates contain up to 10,000 simple sugar or monosaccharide units, such as glucose, all linked together in long chains.  

Because of the immense size of these polysaccharide molecules, it takes a considerable time for the body to process and digest them.  This slow processing means there is no upset to the blood sugar balance and just a gradual continuous feed of glucose and other natural compounds which support markedly sustained energy.  

Feeding your gut microbiota

Polysaccharides are also a great source of fibre, and Ganoderma / Reishi is well known for its gut microbiota and flora friendly effects.  Its superior fibre content has a profoundly beneficial effect on gut health, feeding specialist microorganisms which then produce high levels of short chain fatty acids – vital nutrients that boost energy and support immunity.  These beneficial gut microbiota are also supported by a unique type of Ganoderma / Reishi polysaccharide - termed oligosaccharides.  These carbohydrates are a high-quality food for gut microbiota, encouraging their growth and proliferation.  High levels of these beneficial gut microbiota in the body appear to have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing inflammatory diseases such arthritis and high blood pressure.    

Why Ganoderma / Reishi can give you the strength to go on

Ganoderma / Reishi mushroom is often termed an ‘adaptogen herbal’.  Adaptogens are sought after tonic herbs which act directly on every cell of the body promoting oxygen and nutrient supply.  Adaptogens are known for their beneficial effects in restoring resilience when stress, overwork, and fatigue are occurring.  Research tells us that it is this ‘adaptogenic’ effect of the distinctive Ganoderma / Reishi mushroom polysaccharides that prolongs energy production, allowing long term adaptation to demanding stressor environments.

The specialist defence polysaccharide – Beta-D-Glucan

Beta-D-Glucan is significant active ingredient in Reishi / Ganoderma mushroom. Research indicates that this specialist polysaccharide has the primary benefit of supporting immune function by increasing cell resistance to viral and bacterial attack.  Beta-D-Glucans also support a strong defence by nourishing the production of valuable immune antibodies, T-cells, and macrophages which are among the first line of defence when an invasion by an infective microorganism arrives.

A specialist polysaccharide mushroom for an extraordinary time

Reishi / Ganoderma mushroom has an outstanding history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which spans at least 2000 years, but even today its premier functions are more than essential in today’s health climate.  With its vital beneficial effects on energy, immunity, and healthy gut microbiota, there is compelling evidence that its use is essential for those who wish to maintain continued vigorous well-being.  



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